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Dronetag Team

Unlike the realm of manned planes, which is carefully managed by air traffic controllers and countless technologies, current drone operation is rather chaotic. As enthusiastic developers and drone pilots ourselves, we have decided to change this situation.

Our idea emerged in November 2018 when we, as a team of Czech Technical University students, participated in a space technology hackathon. We won the competition and soon after founded Dronetag. Now we are eleven and our team includes seasoned experts in the fields of aviation, IT and electrical engineering.

Day by day, we make progress toward our vision: To provide drones with safe access to the airspace and to prevent drone accidents.


Lukáš Brchl

Lukáš is the director and driving force behind Dronetag. As a student he specialised in machine vision; and for more than five years he’s been active in industrial drone applications and aerial photography.


Marián Hlaváč

Marián manages the Dronetag software development team. As a technology and multimedia enthusiast he soon discovered the world of drones. He holds a degree in software engineering and has been professionally active in this field for over eight years.


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