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All-in-One Solution for Safe Drone Flights

In compliance with European regulations, we develop products that prevent drone accidents and allow for convenient fleet management.
Dronetag Mini

Dronetag Mini

Remote identification device designed as an add-on that can be mounted to any drone. Mini ensures that your drone is visible for all air traffic participants. It is no larger than half of your favourite müsli bar, weighs 30 grams and stays charged for up to 8 hours.

Mini receives the drone’s coordinates from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and EGNOS satellites, and sends it, along with the drone identification, in real time to the central system through a mobile network, or to everyone around via Bluetooth. Moreover, Mini includes an extension port for connecting and remote control of third-party peripheral devices.

Dronetag Modul

Dronetag Modul

We are also developing a remote identification module for drone manufacturers that will be connectible with the flight controller. Modul is a must-have for all drone producers who value reliable data transmission and identification in the airspace.

Modul uses a mobile network for transmitting data to our cloud platform. Local broadcasting is ensured via Bluetooth. The product will include a software development kit and will enable you to use our safe and scalable data infrastructure.

Dronetag app

Dronetag App

A mobile app for efficient flight management that will soon be available for both Android and iOS. Our app will enable pilots to visualise flight zones, plan their flights, including official authorisation, and to keep an interactive flight journal for an unlimited number of drones.

What is more, the app will be connected to other air traffic management systems so that you can see all other entities in the airspace and receive notifications from air traffic controllers.


  • Designed by Pilots

    We ourselves fly drones and we know that every gram, millimetre and second matters.

  • Connected with Authorities

    We actively collaborate with aviation authorities and interconnect our systems.

  • Exceptional Connectivity

    We use cutting‑edge wireless networks that offer wide coverage and low battery consumption.

  • For Every Brand

    Our products are compatible with any drone, regardless of its manufacturer.

  • U-space Ready

    We develop our products in compliance with U-space, the future drone European regulations.