New enclosure and improvements of Mini

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New enclosure and improvements of Mini

We keep improving our Dronetag Mini inside and out! We do not fit our printed circuit board into some generic branded package — No, no shortcuts here. We are developing our 3D printed custom box. It is the more challenging way, but it is the right way in the long run.

Making our own enclosure brings many possibilities — like listening to our customers’ feedback and answering their suggestions.

Indicator diodes

One of the most featured remarks was about the diodes. Our previous prototype had only one white and one RGB LEDs – communicating only ON/OFF state and error.

We upgraded not only the numbers (from 2 to 3) but the numerous signalization themselves. New Dronetag Mini has one LED per each component; GNSS, RID, and device STATUS. Using different colors and animations, the device can now transmit the charging indication, each component’s level of readiness and inform if any error occurs (f.e. unreachable signal).

The button

Yes, we are considering the button as well. Turning the device on and off should be easy, even for clumsy fingers and gloved hands (yes, this feedback came from the Dronetag team itself). We enlarged the switch 4 times and moved it from the upfront to the side. Now anyone can happily press it, disregarding enormous thumbs or gloves.

The connectors

Too many cooks spoil the broth, too many connectors spoil the product’s design. It might look convenient, but the manipulation becomes tricky when using all four connectors located at the same site (and we already mentioned the clumsy fingers). We decided to have only two connectors per site from now on – thus allowing all four connectors to be used simultaneously with ease.

Product design

New LEDs, new button, and new connector locations. All in all, the device’s orientation has changed - from the “landscape” orientation to the “portrait”. Now you hold Dronetag in the same way you hold your phone.

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Written on 23 October 2021 by Dronetag team