Development Update: Working Prototypes Ready to Take Off

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Development Update: Working Prototypes Ready to Take Off

We are pleased to announce we have manufactured the first working batch of Dronetag Mini, our hardware device for remote drone identification within the U-space regulatory framework. On top of that, we have perfected the core features of our app which allows us to finally test our solution as a whole.

Regarding the device, one of the greatest challenges we have accomplished in the past months was to implement the remote ID and tracking standard as per ASTM F3411. The major step within the mobile app was the introduction of flight management and flight zones, which enables drone pilots to smoothly plan their flights.

As we develop a tangible product for all drone pilots, we value superior user experience just like outstanding technical properties. We currently design the plastic enclosure for Dronetag Mini and we will make sure the product is as compact, durable and easy-to-use as possible.

What happens next? The plan for the upcoming months is to test the current Dronetag solution with our partners all over Europe, process their feedback and carefully prepare for the production stage. Bear with us!

Photo of Dronetag prototype

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Written on 31 July 2020 by Dronetag team