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Dronetag develops a solution for safe and efficient drone traffic management in the European airspace.

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Drone identification according to the new regulations. Quick and easy.

Did you know the European Union Aviation Safety Agency is planning new rules for drone operations? One of them requires that all drones weighing over 250 grams must broadcast identification data during the flight.

Dronetag offers an affordable and compact remote identification device that is compatible with all drones on the market. Just mount it to your drone and fly.

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Flight authorisation in cooperation with the authorities. No more paperwork.

Today, in order to fly your drone in restricted areas like airports or cities, you must go through a lengthy administrative process with an uncertain outcome.

Thanks to our mobile app, which is integrated with the aviation authorities, you are free of such hassle. The app enables you to visualise flight zones, plan your flight and apply for authorisation immediately.

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Convenient flight management through our app. Forget flight journals.

With our mobile app, management of your drone fleet is an easy task, whether you plan a complex flight operation with many drones or just want to keep an overview of your flights.

The app also enables you to visualise the current airspace including with all its participants as it is integrated with other air traffic management systems.

All-in-One Solution for Safe Drone Flights


  • Designed by Pilots

    We ourselves fly drones and we know that every gram, millimetre and second matters.

  • Connected with Authorities

    We actively collaborate with aviation authorities and interconnect our systems.

  • Exceptional Connectivity

    We use cutting‑edge wireless networks that offer wide coverage and low battery consumption.


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