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We're on a search for an experienced backend developer

Python 3, Django, FastAPI
Remote or on-sitePrague, Czech RepublicFull-timePart-time

We are Dronetag — a start-up company founded in 2018 in Prague, aiming to coordinate low-altitude airspace and enable the safe use of drones for industrial and commercial purposes.
Dronetag develops IoT products and uses the latest technologies such as 5G + LPWA cellular networks and SATCOM technologies. Using Dronetag devices enables the expansion and coordination of unmanned aircraft operations in cities and residential areas and ensures the safe integration of drones into the airspace. ...

Our devices are powered by our Dronetag Cloud Platform — that's what we call a set of multiple services  providing infrastructure for our hardware devices. Our backend stack is ...

We're looking for a Python developer to help us develop the before mentioned platform. We need someone who lives and breathes Python – so if you're still using your Python 2.7 pre-installed on your Mac, I'm afraid that we probably won't share any common interests :). The range of tasks you'd be solving is quite wide — from handling boring data storage and creating new CRUD models, to solving complex geographic algorithms, telemetry processing, or conflict resolution in 4D spaces. We basically have something for everyone.

What we expect from you

  • Advanced knowledge of Python 3
  • General knowledge of web technologies — you should know how HTTP works, what is RESTful API,  etc.
  • Good knowledge of Django or FastAPI frameworks
  • Good experience with Git — you should be confident using it
  • At least a bit of experience with containers
  • Ability to work independently and meeting deadlines
  • Advanced English level — we write all our comments and documentation in English
  • Experience with automated tests — unit tests, integration tests, you name it...
  • At least part-time employment

What can we eventually teach you

  • Domain-specific knowledge — doesn't matter if you don't know how to fly drone or how Remote ID works, we will explain
  • Advanced git-fu — how not to be lost in merge conflicts and to avoid making commit graph into G(u)itar Hero

What can you expect from us

  • Work on an exciting projects with opportunity to influence their direction
  • Authentic start-up environment — no bureaucracy, we care about other stuff than filling forms
  • Flexible work hours
  • Option to work remotely or on-site in Prague
  • A friendly young team, always happy to help


How to apply?

Send us your LinkedIn profile or CV, tell us what you can do and don't forget to mention the projects you've worked on previously.

There is no need for cover letters, just write us an informal e-mail, Marián is your contact person to apply for this job position:

Learn more about Dronetag

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